A club that has been trendy for many years with its many theme nights and parties, suitable for any type of audience, offers parties that embrace all types of music: from house music to the most played hits of the moment, passing by the “Black “and Reggaeton trends ..

There are a lot of DJs and artists that over the years have performed on the “Estoril Dj Booth” making the club famous and affirming its knowledge and undisputed influence of the Liguria’s nightlife.
The recently built, elegant and modern club varies its artistic programming throughout the seasons, you can always keep up to date on the upcoming events through our Facebook page: ROYALE EVENTI and ESTORIL BEACH CLUB.

In addition to being a club, it always remains available, on free dates, for private parties, corporate parties and any kind of event: from birthdays to nursery parties and graduation parties.

During the summer  night- parties are held  in the outdoor area, right in front of the sea, a suggestive location that will impress you.

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